Dedicated to
Traditional Craftmanship

We are driven by our passion for traditional craftsmanship and the desire to create exceptionally refined handbags from the finest and most exclusive leathers. The natural look and careful attention to detail in the design is completed by our highly skilled Italian artisans, making every object a masterpiece.

Our bags and leather goods are long-living and made with raw materials sourced exclusively from European production. Drawing on the rich heritage of our partners, we select and create everything by hand. BATLINER's dedication to quality and a minimalist design philosophy creates timeless objects that move in balance with everyday life.

An Old Craft in new Hands

In 2008 Katherine Batliner's encounter with the Armenian master artisan Mihitar was the missing part to the knowledge of leather craftsmanship. In the years to come, the last successor of the 150 years old dynasty of master craftsmen had ardently laid his heritage in her hands. This rare experience combined with sophisticated and modern, yet timeless design led her to finally found her label BATLINER in 2011.
Born in 1980, with an early affinity to creating objects of use, Batliner studied Industrial Design in Basel, Switzerland. Longer stays in London, Paris and Istanbul further shaped her understanding of design and art. Today she lives in Vienna.