A trained feature film director, Katherine Batliner studied Product Design in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland. After a decade in the field of visual arts she met an iconic shoemaker, an acquaintance that would change her path. 'While starting to learn from someone that had 65 years of working experience in leather craft I came across fish leather. It's character changes with every lot, you never get bored from it, since seeing it for the first time it has fascinated me. In the beginning I worked with it in my free time, and at some point combining the old craft with new materials became my great passion.'

For Katherine Batliner it's not only about the creation of the collections. Her deep connection to craftsmanship and visual arts goes further than what she could express on a seasonal basis. 'For me the actual process is taking the time to become experienced in new working methods and exploring unknown materials and construction techniques. This usually takes months, I want to really learn what the material behaves like, even when it is used out if it's actual purpose. When I am told that it is not recommended for this or that I try even harder to make it work until it really does or until a new way comes up.'

Katherine Batliner

A passion for traditional craftsmanship and a dedication to the finest quality materials underpin a minimalist design philosophy. BATLINER together with it's partners creates timeless classics inspired by the treasures from the history of crafts.

Iceland alone discards tons of fish skins from its fisheries every year. With modern tanning methods they are now tanned to environmentally friendly leather.
The biggest fish skins available are searched out to craft BATLINER's leather goods from a single piece of immaculate and rare leather.

The various shapes of the fish leathers creates complex working procedures with an immensely time consuming hand labour.

All brass accessories are made in Vienna, each one is hand dressed, polished and patinated creating unique pieces.

The leathers and metal parts are finally assembled in Milan at a family company has been in existence since more than 50 years.