Fish Leather

PERCH skins are relatively rare. Their scales are removed to reveal large pockets, which open up to create a unique and sophisticated structure. This thick and durable leather becomes especially soft with time.

Perch leather

BATLINER collects especially large fish skins whose size are unique in the world.

COD leather is an astonishing material. Little scales remain attached to the skins, giving the leather a truly unique and rough texture. Over time the scales slowly wear down, deepening the leather's patina and making it soft and waxy.

Cod leather

Fish Leather has a much higher durability than other leathers.

SALMON leather is thin and may seem fragile, but due to its fibre structure that differs from those of mammals it has a much more tear resistance than other leathers. It is pleasantly soft and velvety and develops a remarkable three-dimensional texture over time.

Salmon leather

All fish skins are a by–product of the fishing industry.
See how they are made to fish leather in Iceland.