A New Material –
Leather from Perch,
Cod and Salmon

Macro-view of Perch leather
Beirut L with Perch leather

Perch skins are relatively rare. Their scales are removed to reveal large pockets, which open up to create a unique and sophisticated structure. This thick and durable leather becomes especially soft with time.

Cod leather is an astonishing material; little scales remain attached to the skins, giving the leather a truly unique and rough texture. Over time the scales slowly wear down, deepening the leather's patina and making it soft and waxy.

Close view of Cod leather
Billfold with Cod leather

All fish skins are a by-product of the fishing industry.

The leather of salmon is thin and may seem fragile but it has a much higher durability than most other leathers. It is pleasantly soft and velvety and develops a remarkable three-dimensional texture over time.

Close view of Salmon leather
Cardholder with Salmon leather

BATLINER collects especially large fish skins whose size are unique in the world.

Calf Leather

Our full grain leathers are the softest and most valuable of their kind. Their surfaces remain untreated and they develop a rich patina with age.

All leathers are tanned and dyed in Italy and England. The raw material originates from Middle Europe.


All linen fabrics are sourced from Belgium. The complete production chain, from growing, spinning, weaving and dyeing is taking place in the country famous for it's expertise on flax.

Brass / Zippers

All metal parts are in full brass, they are made in a small workshop in Vienna's 5th District. The most advanced 3D-milling technology is combined with traditional handcraft, creating light-weight, individual accessories.

We only use Excella Zippers, an special high-quality zipper produced by YKK in Italy. Each zipper tooth is controlled and polished separately.