Fish Leather
from Perch, Cod & Salmon
The fish skins come from Scandinavia.
We only use skins that are a by-product
of the food industry.
W2 Billfold in Natural Salmon

The leather of salmon is thin and may seem fragile but it has a much higher durability than most other leathers. This makes it ideal for wallets that are used extensively.
The surface of salmon leather is reminiscent of snakeskin or honeycomb. It is pleasantly soft and velvety and develops a remarkable three-dimensional texture over time.

Our photographer's own wallet has developed a beautiful patina after almost 3 years of use.
Undyed salmon leather, the natural grey and white gradient of the salmon skin becomes more obvious after tanning.
W2 Billfold in Natural Salmon

Cod leather is an astonishing material; little scales remain attached to the skins, giving the leather a truly unique texture. Over the years the scales slowly wear down, deepening the leather's patina and giving it a second life.

We specifically select unusually large skins so as to be able to construct our larger wallets from a single piece of this extraordinary material.

W2 Billfold in Natural Salmon
W2 Billfold in Natural Salmon

Perch skins are relatively rare and feature larger scales than the skins of salmon or cod. The scales are removed to reveal large pockets, these open up to create a unique and sophisticated structure. This thick and durable leather becomes especially soft with time.

As with cod, we select unusually large perch skins in order to construct our bags from a continuous piece of material.