The Making of a Brass Buckle

With precise computer aided technology small scale production becomes possible on a high quality level.

First a 3D-model is constructed and sent to the CNC-mill to drill the basic shape.

The metal block from which the brass part is cut out, is placed in the machine.

From one side of the metal block the upper half of the buckle is milled.
The part has to be turned after each milling step so CNC-driller can access it from the side.

The dimensions of each part is controlled, before they are further proceeded with manual labour.

Discard is collected for recycling.

The surface is polished with different techniques and machines.

The smoothed buckle with raw surface.

Patination agents are tested on a piece of metal from the same lot. Each production lot has slight variations in the alloy which makes it react differently to the leach.

BATLINER's keyholders are all bent and polished by hand.

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