The Making of a Wallet

Dozens of manual work steps are necessary for the creation of each wallet.

All four edges of each single leather part have to be trimmed by pulling each rim through a machine by hand. This way the corners and edges are nicely thin.

The unusual and small shape of the tanned fish skins, make it necessary to stamp out each part separately. Aligning the iron cutting shapes symmetrically so the proportions of each pattern are in harmony requires time and patience.

After the parts are attached together with water-based adhesive, partly with the help of a machine but largely with a paintbrush by hand.

All edges and rims are precisely pleated and pressed in shape before they will be sewn.

The sewing of the wallet is done in several episodes as sometimes a seam is required to be hidden from the outside to create a more minimalist design.

Before varnishing the outer edge to protect the leather from fraying out the edge is cut again to then polish it so the edges get perfectly smooth and even.

To ensure a beautiful finish that will remain in shape for years the varnishing with natural rubber is repeated four times.

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