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An Icelandic Pioneer in Fish Tanning

"For me, every fish is unique, I kind of fell in love with it. The scales, the spots, all the natural peculiarities have changed the way we work. Nowadays we preserve the natural characteristics of the raw material."

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Tanning Fish Skins To Leather

Fish skins, a by-product of fishery, have long been underestimated. Combining modern technology with dozens of manual steps; they are now tanned to soft, inimitable leather.

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Leather Craftsmanship -
an Italian Family Business

"Surviving as artisans in Europe is about managing, modernizing, integrating machines and improving efficiency. With the working methods of the past we cannot compete."

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Making of A Wallet

Each single part of a wallet carefully stamped out to then being carefully and precisely assembled and sewn in a complex working procedure.

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Viennese Metal Craft

"Technological progress and the implementation of computerised working steps have opened a whole new chapter for small scale metal work and prototype production."

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Creating Brass Buckles

The brass parts of BATLINER's bags are all custom-made in Vienna cut with a CNC machine and then dressed, polished and patinated by hand thus creating unique pieces.

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